About Pipa

Busy working Mum life is firstly family: walking the dog, cleaning the kitchen & chasing after kids

Live and unrehearsed...

I have spent a wonderful 20+ years in the industry of live TV and Radio, starting in BBC Radio back in 1997 having moved back to the UK after working with a charity overseas which took me to Amsterdam, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, Israel - all over the world helping in communities, building orphanages, teaching English etc. 

Then after a few years in radio, I hopped across to the world of live TV I particularly love the connection that being live offers, there's nowhere to hide, what you see is what you get, besides, I'm awful at a 2nd take!


….unexpected and unedited ...

Over the years, those who have travelled the journey with me will have seen me become Mum to two babies who are now teens that tower above me, I also have two younger step sons and over the last few years we have started to care for my disabled mum too so there's a fair amount of juggling going on in life like everyone else. I host a podcast in which we talk about finding peace, passion and purpose and one of these days I will get around to finishing the book I started in 2012!  (I started another in 2019 too ...oh help!)


...and loving the roller coaster of life.

So life is busy and no two days are ever the same and that's just how I like it. Whilst being a woman today might seem more demanding than ever before, I have found the opportunities and  rewards are far reaching. We wear a huge selection of hats on a daily basis, many work more than one job and juggle various responsibilities which can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride however life has so much for us to embrace, with its inevitable ups and downs. One thing I've learned, is that it really is all about the journey!  

So do reach out or come and join me on social media, we have a lot of fun there. Much love, Pipa xx